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Video Breakdown: Beyonce-7/11

Beyoncé has never been one to care about the edges of many women across the globe or whatever you are doing at the moment. In pure diva fashion, the queen of surprises has once again broke the internet by dropping the music video for her new single 7/11 off of the platinum edition of her ground breaking album, Beyoncé. It’s safe to say that we get both a taste of her alter ego’s Yoncé and Third Ward Trill with this record because she is doing more rapping than ever before.

7/11 is the pop diva embracing her hip-hop side. What’s even more surprising is the simplicity of the visuals Beyoncé provides for us this time around. The woman who is known to deliver nothing less than perfection let all of that down in a video that seems to be shot and edited with a GoPro camera.

The video starts off with Beyoncé dancing in a “KALE” sweatshirt and underwear on a hotel balcony.  “Shoulders sideways, smack it, smack it in the air, legs movin' side to side, smack it in the air,” she sings before the camera takes us inside her hotel suite. From there the camera transitions to Beyoncé in an all-white outfit straddling a chair, reminding us all why she is Bootylicious. If you’re really paying attention to the video you’ll see a cameo from Blue Ivy as Beyoncé jumps on the bed which appears to be pure fun before coming down in a pair of Timberland boots. As Beyoncé and her dancers turn up in a bathroom, she dials her foot like it’s a phone yelling into it “I KNOW YOU CARE!” as another reminder that King B can do whatever she wants.

With innovative selfie tricks, a crew of backup dancers, dice rolling, Blue Ivy’s mini ride, fur coats, 2015 shades, and red solo cups, Yoncé gives us a glimpse of her personal life and a hotel slumber party you don’t want to miss.

-Video Breakdown by Jazmine Woods