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Video Breakdown: Kendrick Lamar - i

Kendrick Lamar’s music could be described with a seemingly infinite amount of superlatives, but if there’s one sweeping generalization that sums a majority of them, it’s purposeful. His words, metaphors and themes are all calculated and decisively coalesced to create meaningful music. His latest release, i, is no different and after it’s release dominated the discussion on every music blog and timeline; he’s given us the video to accompany his latest work.

Directed by Alexandre Moors and the Little Homies, the team of directors creates a visualization of Kendrick’s statement of love and self worth. The video opens to a club scene where perceived jealousy over a lustful lady causes a fight to break out. K-Dot figuratively and literally pulls the plug on the party, which brings us to an intense reminder that this is all about unity.

As the music returns, Kendrick takes us from the club to the street, leading his followers through the ills of the outside world, dancing along the way as to show that they can still find beauty in life’s most evil places. The video utilizes a tracking shot through this journey, which follows Kendrick and his fellow life lovers, showing a progression of his movement while traveling through the wickedness that affect us all to a better place. The visual representation of i stands a powerful support to the meaning behind Kendrick Lamar’s lyrics and accomplishes the feat of delivering his message.

What makes this video special, besides the fact that it has Ron Isley in it, is that this is likely part of a bigger concept that will be revealed to us when Kendrick Lamar releases his full project.

- Carmine Colangelo