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Video Breakdown: Pusha T Ft. Chris Brown- Sweet Serenade Dir. By Collin Tilley

Pusha T’s upcoming album release, My Name Is My Name has been the talk of hip-hop since it leaked to the web with many calling it album of the year. Now, Pusha follows up that momentum with the video releases of numerous singles. The video release for Sweet Serenade, gives immediate relevance to the single. On it’s own, the record feels a bit off-putting but the horror movie like treatment put in place by Collin Tilley ties everything together. The visuals throughout the video are very abstract, which works better than any storyline plot would have.

Pusha T has built his image around being anti-mainstream, which is the most plausible explanation for the awkwardly cropped images of the shirtless Chris Brown showing only everything above his neck. Push and director Tilley want to stay away from the heart throb tactics employed by many of the artists, which he strongly opposes. The pyrotechnics incorporated into the delivery of Pusha T’s lyrics re-enforce the dangerous elements he raps about evading. This video is a great introduction to My Name Is My Name, as it incorporates the vibe of the project as a whole. One prop that probably should have been avoided was the stripper pole planted in the middle of the beach, which ruined the ambiance of the scenery. Pusha T brought enough sand to the beach to do without it.

-Breakdown by Gregory Calvaire