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Movie Review: 2 Guns

  • Actor(s): Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg
  • Title: 2 Guns
  • Director: Baltasar Kormákur
  • Type: Action
  • Script/Writing:
  • Acting:
  • Production:
  • Soundtrack:
  • Casting:
  • Originality:

It’s important to acknowledge that the pairing of two of Hollywood’s biggest stars that is 2 Guns falls more in line with Mark Wahlberg’s filmography than that of Denzel Washington. 2 Guns is made up of colorful humor, substantial action and fairly unaccomplished plot points like many of Whalberg’s past work. What Denzel brings to the table is balance. By the end of the film, the rapport of the Washington-Wahlberg 1-2 punch is worthwhile, but this effort may not even garner any MTV Movie Award nominations.

2 Guns’ plot revolves around an undercover DEA Agent (Washington) and a covert Navy Seal (Wahlberg) who pair up as criminals, trying to use each other for their respective organizations gains. Things get interesting when the two find out the other isn’t whom they thought they were, and are subsequently forced to work together to save their careers and enforce justice. The writing is very lighthearted, as the movie doesn’t try to blow you away with its complexity but just aims to entertain altogether.

Moviegoers will walk into the theatre to see 2 Guns based on their admiration of Washington and Wahlberg and if they are able to look past the lackluster plot they’ll find enjoyment in the two star’s exchanges throughout the film. Washington is as humorous as we’ve seen him while Wahlberg delivers his usual American badass role. Emotional depth is removed from Whalberg’s character, which is where he normally fails, and Denzel has temporary flashes of his Oscar Award Winning days.

2 Guns would be the perfect family movie if it wasn’t for the glorious 30 seconds of bare-chested-ness provided by actress Paula Patton-Thicke, which earned the flick it’s R rating. Paula’s husband Robin Thicke recently revealed this nude scene was an improvisation by Patton-Thicke, who felt it would make the love scene feel more realistic. In actuality, while many will forever freeze these frames in their memory banks, it comes out of left field and doesn’t fit in the f low of the movie. For many, this will be the only valuable moment of the film.

Amongst the many flaws of 2 Guns, there still remains a certain charm to the picture. It’s in no way a must see movie, but it may serve well as a weekend matinee and further in the future a Netflix gem. 2 Guns gives us great insight on the current standing of the star actor’s careers: Wahlberg will continue to find ways to keep the cash register ringing, and Washington isn’t looking to prove anything to anyone at this point.

-Review by Gregory Calvaire

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