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Machine Gun Kelly's "Lace Up" Album Listening Party

  • Artist(s): Machine Gun Kelly
  • Tour: Lace Up Album Release Party
  • Venue: Slate Night Lounge
  • Date: 2012-10-04 20:00:00
  • Twitter:

On the evening of October 4th, 2012 Bad Boy Record’s Machine Gun Kelly hosted one of the most eventful album listening parties in recent history for his debut effort Lace Up.

Tastemakers, artists, and label executives gathered at Slate on 21st street and 5th avenue at 8 P.M. and were treated to open bar refreshments courtesy of Bad Boy CEO Sean “P Diddy,” Combs and his Ciroc Vodka brand. Later Machine Gun Kelly would explain that his goal was to top Diddy and get the crowd so messed up they did shameful things by the end of the evening.

The DJ on hand loosened up the crowd for a little over an hour before Machine Gun Kelly made a spirited entrance, which ultimately ended up with him leaping on one of the lounge’s leather couches in Rick James fashion.

After taking some hefty swigs of his 1-liter Red Berry Ciroc bottle, MGK made his way to the DJ booth and proceeded to give the crowd a 5-minute warning before the listening would commence. Bad Boy executive Harve Pierre, This Is 50 interviewer Jack Thriller, and Bronx Bred Rapper Fred The Godson and others took snap shots amongst the crowd as every patiently awaited.

Upon returning to the platform, Machine Gun Kelly leaped up on the DJ table making himself up to 10 feet tall for everyone in the room to be able to see him as he spoke candidly: “I have songs on this album that were written and recorded before I was signed. I did this entire album in my basement...I didn't book the Hit Factory. I didn't have Bananas and Apples and shit. I had that muthafucking 25 cent little Debbie brownie with the little sprinkles on that shit and a nice bag of kush.”

After the passionate speech, the DJ began to cue the music when MGK protested that he wanted his music played through properly through the serato and for every dormant speaker to be put to use. “Yo man, play this shit for real man. Let them muthafuckas feel that shit dog--yeah crank that shit. Nah man, put it in the serato...and let's do that shit right.” After about 15 minutes of technical adjustments, the album began and there wouldn’t be a dull moment afterwards.

Machine Gun Kelly’s Lace Up is a high energy, emotional rap album with a rock star essence and he would lip sing and violently contort his body to personify every drum and guitar produced sound.

In no time MGK found himself in full concert mode making more use of the 5 by 5 foot DJ booth than most rappers make of arena stages. Every few tracks, he would say a few words into the mic explaining the meaning and inspiration behind an upcoming record. Towards the end of the listening, MGK rapped lyrics from his freestyle on the Funkmaster Flex show earlier in the evening: “When you mentioning Cole, why aint you mentioning kells?/And when you talking bout greats, better put me up there with drake/when you mentioning lyrics, I hear you talkin’ bout Kendrick/but next time put my name in it before you finish that sentence.”

Nothing got the crowd going like Kelly’s notable collaborations with Young Jeezy (Hold On) and DMX (D3mons). Kelly’s nothing to lose, wear it all on my sleeve rap style seemed to bring out the best in Jeezy and DMX fit right into the scheme of their spiritually dark record.
In no time, like MGK many of those in attendance found themselves sweating from the intensity of the mood. Kelly would strip down shirtless and bear numerous self-revealing tattoos all over his torso.

All night Machine Gun Kelly was enigmatically unpredictable. From pouring some Ciroc out for those who decided not to show up to the listening, to hopping on couches and DJ booths, to rapping with his wife beater flipped over his head concealing his face, you never knew what would come next from the MC.

Any doubt that Machine Gun Kelly’s Bad Boy debut would meet expectations was removed from any spectators in attendance. As MGK celebrated the upcoming release with his closet friends (flown in by Bad Boy) the DJ played countless current day hits. As the media and fans exited they were all treated with a Lace Up gift bag containing various MGK goodies but the true item of their desire won’t be available until October 9th, 2012 when the album hits stores.

-Recap By Gregory Calvaire
-Photos by Daniel J. Vasquez View Addtional Photos Here.