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Recap: Sevyn Streeter Concert @ SOBs

  • Artist(s): Sevyn Streeter
  • Venue: SOBs
  • Date: 2014-03-24 20:00:00
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  • Choreography:
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March 24th, 2014- Sevyn Streeter rocked a sold out house of fans and industry elites at SOBs on the lower east side of Manhattan Monday night and proved herself to be a natural performer. From Sevyn’s eye-popping choreography, to her well-chosen covers, the songstress had fans engaged from start to finish. The audience included music industry big timers Lyor Cohen and Kevin Liles as well as Grammy Nominated R&B singer Mack Wilds who made an on-stage cameo himself.

Shortly after 10 PM, Sevyn hit the stage alongside two male dancers who warmed up the crowd with a freestyle dance to B.O.B.’s Throwback. Sevyn wasted no time following up the momentum and going straight into her critically acclaimed EP Call Me Crazy, But…

Dressed in a black mesh, two-piece body suit, Sevyn left just enough to the imagination to be sexy but still classy. Her dance sets were equally as impressive as her vocal display, and her charisma truly won fans over throughout the show.

Late into the show, Sevyn began surveying the room for a man worthy of her appetite, and came up with no other than Mack Wilds. Sevyn’s dancers strapped Wilds into his seat as he smiled ear to ear while Sevyn serenated him and straddled him throughout her performance of Sex On The Ceiling.

An impressive part of Sevyn’s show was also her ability to incorporate great covers of songs such as Keyshia Cole’s Love, Rihanna’s Stay, Drake’s From Time and Beyonce’s Drunk In Love. Sevyn nailed her karaoke performances while staying in the flow of her set and blending the songs into her own discography.

There is no doubt Sevyn is one of the most promising young stars in the industry today. Fans sang along to album cuts such as Next and B.A.N.S word for word, a feat impressive for any artist. Be sure to catch Sevyn when she ventures to a venue near you as it’s well worth the cover price.

-Recap & Photos by Gregory Calvaire

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