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Q&A Interview: Grammy Award Winning Producer 9th Wonder

Backstage at the kickoff stop of the L-R-G Tour, Page 31 had the pleasure of sitting down with legendary hip hop producer 9th Wonder, 24 hours fresh off the release of his new album The Wonder Years. 9th was excited to finally get the project out and discussed the greatness of working with Raekwon, Mac Miller’s future in the game, how Jay-z’s Threats brought tears to his eyes, playing beats for Beyonce for 3 hours, Drakes Take Care and his position as a professor at Duke University! Check out our question and answer with the man who has brought us years of legendary music.

P31: The Wonder Years has officially been released, how are you feeling about that?

9th: It’s out, it’s in the streets. You can have it. I feel relieved! (laughs) Seriously.

P31: It’s been a long time coming on this project, but you’ve got a lot of great features on The Wonder Years. What would you say was the most meaningful collaboration on this project?

9th: The Raekwon, definitely.

P31: Anytime you get Raekwon to go in on a song, it’s always something special.

9th: Yeah man! It was more of a tribute joint, than it was for anything else and I made a great friend out of it. Were both Capricorns so we understand each other.

P31: What was it like getting in there with the Chef?

Q&A Interview: Grammy Award Winning Producer 9th Wonder

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