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Q&A Interview: Grammy Award Winning Producer 9th Wonder

all the records I’ve done on a major level, I’ve never slept outside somebody’s door with a demo cd. It’s always been 9th I want you to rock on my record. So maybe I’m spoiled, maybe whatever, but I am not into sitting down with an A&R and playing an A&R beats. Jay-z kinda ruined all of that because I dealt with him directly. If I dealt with him directly, I’m not about to play no beats for no A&Rs, that’s wack. I dealt with him directly; I sat with Beyonce for 3 hours and played her beats. Well played all 3 of them [Destiny’s Child] beats. It was just me and them.  It wasn’t me, the A&R dude and them. I’ve dealt with everybody directly, so I’m passed that.

P31: On a closing note, if somebody wants to get the magic of a 9th Wonder production, how can they go about that?

9th: If they’re old enough and own some kind of bank account at a banking institution, I suggest you go… and holla at them about it and if you don’t got the money that’s fine. They do home equity loans, they do loans, they do all types of things. They do pell— you can get a pell grant, you can lie to the government at FAFSA, whatever you need to do, you know. That’s the best way to go about it. If you not on my label, you have to pay. And that’s how that goes.

Q&A Interview: Grammy Award Winning Producer 9th Wonder

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