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Pop Your Collar- Neckline Accessories

Different types of neck collars are suited to be the focal point as well as a framework to your neck and highlight your outfit. What better way to enhance these your features than a bedazzled collar? Neckline jewelry is a fun and innovative way to add a little “pazazz” to your look. Neckline accesories are different from your average long jeweled necklaces. Neckline jewelry can vary from round edges to pointed tips. The thing that separates neck collar jewelry from the average long necklaces is it shape. They can be made from different materials such as chains, jewels, embroidery and beads but they occupy more volume then the average necklace. Instead of trying the everyday long/short necklaces, try using a neck collar necklace.

This 12K Gold Kate Spade neck jeweled piece will add flair and sophistication to your attire. Pair this dazzling neck piece with a soft chiffon round collared top tagged along with some skinny’s and your chunky platform heels. This statement piece adds a delightful touch to a cute blouse and may work well with any other jewelry.

Pop Your Collar- Neckline Accessories

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