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Q&A Interview: Author/Poet Alicia Zakon

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Page31: We want to commend you on writing and publishing your first book Laundry & Love Notes. Describe the style and structure that you chose to compose your book and as well as the subject matter that you’ll be covering?

Alicia Zakon: The book is a poetic memoir. It’s basically a collection of poems that are in chronological order from age 10-25. And I wanted to do it in chronological order just so I can tell the story by how it progresses. And I also put it into chapters based on where I lived. So every time I moved, I included a different chapter. It explains what is happening during those time periods. The subject matter is about my issues with self-esteem and self-worth and how I’ve seen that play out in dating and my personal life. My poetry also delves into how I feel about my dad leaving and how that also effects how I interact with and chase after guys that aren’t into me or just aren’t available for me. I’ll also talk about my family life as well…with my sisters and my mom and things like that.

Q&A Interview: Author/Poet Alicia Zakon

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