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Q&A Interview: Danielle Fishel

Page 31: Congrats on your latest big screen endeavor, The Boiling Pot. How do you feel that you’re able to differentiate your career within this project?

Danielle Fishel: Thank you. I think one of the biggest things that differentiate this project is as a character it’s totally different than anything I’ve ever done before.  It also has a very strong and important message so I plan on continuing to choose movie roles in the future that have a good message and that’s the most important reason I chose to do this movie.

P31: In 2014, you wouldn’t expect  a movie like this to be so relevant but earlier today news broke of Justin Bieber dropping the N bomb, and your hometown Clippers have their Donald Sterling fiasco. What’s your reaction to everything?

DF: Wow, I totally missed the Justin Bieber news! Well what I definitely noticed since doing the movie, is that [racism] isn’t any less relevant today then it ever has been before. We just accept it when people say it is less relevant, maybe because we have a black president. But that is absolutely not the case at all. [Racism] is still an extremely relevant topic, and the fact that the events of this movie happened in 2008, it’s completely shocking. That’s why it’s really important this film gets out there.

Q&A Interview: Danielle Fishel

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