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Relieved of Bird-en- Larry Bird resigns

It’s an embarrassment to the game of basketball that one of the all-time greats wasn’t retained by his hometown franchise which he himself revived. Coming off the 2012 Executive of the Year Award, Bird became the first person in league history to have won MVP, Coach of the Year and Executive of the Year. Sources say that Larry Bird stepped down to his own inclination but in a May 30th interview he said this following statement when asked about his future, "I love my job. There's only 30 of them and we've gone through some tough times. If you remember, we had to change the culture around here," Bird said. "We've got good kids in here that want to be here, that are dedicated to this city. I wouldn't want to sign a four- or five-year deal because I'm getting older. But I have to find out where we want to go."  Surely Bird didn’t change his mind in just 27 days. The proper deal wasn’t presented and Bird resigned with class instead of dragging ownership through the mud.

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Relieved of Bird-en- Larry Bird resigns

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